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SpongeMaps Creators

A great many people have been involved with the creation of SpongeMaps.  Into the future, many more people will also help to make even more SpongeMaps.


  • SpongeMaps was made by Queensland Museum staff, using morphological descriptions and images amassed over a long period.  The list of people that have contributed to the content presented here is long indeed, and continues to grow.  We have also incorporated material from other collections than the QM collection, and we acknowledge the efforts of others that have helped to produce the descriptions and images we show here.
  • This list is not comprehensive, but we aim to include all contributors here:

    C.L. Adams, G. Ahern, B. Alvarez, P.R. Bergquist, A. Carroll, K. Chan, A. Crowther, J. de Vry, M. Dohrmann, V. Echavarrica, M. Ekins, D. Erpenbeck, E. Evans-Illidge, J. Fromont, S. Grass, L. Goudie, L. Habener, K.A. Hall, M.K. Harper, A.T. Heiermann, J.N.A. Hooper, D. Janussen, C. Jones, A. Kay, R. Kelley, M. Kelly-Borges, J.A. Kennedy, C. Levi, S. Leys, S. List-Armitage, R. McCauley, K. Mitchell, S. Pomponi, M. Richer de Forges, K. Rützler, J. Sanchez-Fontela,
    A. Sara, M. Sara, M. Schlacher-Hoenlinger, C.H.L. Schönberg, V. Shylov, S. Sorokin,
    P. Sri Adibhatla, J. Stanisic, W. Stephenson, P. Sutcliffe, L. Tapanila, P.A. Tomkins,
    J. Vacelet, and R.W.M. van Soest.
  • The site and the database were built and are maintained by K.A. Hall (QM).
  • The collection data are maintained by M. Ekins  (QM).
  • Conceptualisation of "sponge mudmaps" was made by J.N.A. Hooper (QM).
  • To cite this website, please use the following citation:

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